The Nuclear Family EP

by New Age Leper

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New Age Leper's debut release! Three tracks of structured agony for your listening pleasure...


released November 23, 2016

Recorded by Pauly Lowe and Bjørn Christianson in Wellington 2016
All songs copyright Bjørn Christianson and New Age Leper
Mixed and mastered by Jason Erskine at Barong Mixing



all rights reserved


New Age Leper Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Falling Leaves
Honey pie, how was your day?
Did you think of me much?
I wish that we could get away but no one else can see you yet.
I had nine lives yet I murdered eight,
I killed you all in a narco haze.
I'd never hurt you yeah there's no way.
I think I'll hurt you anyway.

When the reasons gone but I can't move on,
No reason left to.
When the rhymes all wrong yet I still sing along like all the sheep.
When the seasons change, yet I'm stuck in grey.
I'm just falling leaves.

I know babe that I'm acting strange,
it's psychosis from this crystal milkshake.
I walk in circles it helps me numb the pain.
A thousand voices in my damaged brain.
Track Name: Bleedin' Rock
Bad lucks in the room,
he just don't speak that much.
He's looking at you and you know why.
Because you have what he wants.
Don't give it up!

We'll cover for you,
we're all unpaid actors too.
He's strumming you tune and you know why.
Because you're playing with fire.
Burn those pretty hands!

I love you, you're my bleedin' rock.
If you should ever leave, well I'd just fall apart.
I need you, I'm just not strong enough.
To do this by myself.
I've got a bleedin' heart.
Track Name: Wasting Time
She's walking slow, but boy you won't catch her.
Bathe in her glow and then burn in the rapture.
And all of the time, I'm still wasting time.
It could of been hers,
It should of been mine, oh.

I'm still wasting time.
You're still on my mind.
I'm still wasting time.
Your still on my mind.

I'm picking skin,
yeah I'm making new scabs.
The devil don't care,
he wants what he wants,
And all of the time, you're still on my mind.
You're my favourite dream,
so sick and obscene.

You wanna bring me down, but I will rise above you.
You wanna make me sad, but you don't get to see me cryin'.
You wanna cut me down, but my roots are deeper.
You wanna bring me down, but I will rise above you.